a haiku for the bus driver who deliberately drove past me


I swear to god bruh
Let me catch you in the streets
Bruh I swear to god

Anonymous: u have a lot of peeps on ur D!

By that you mean none?

I made a new blog!

Called beep-beep-motheruckerss. So that’s who just started following all of you!

Who’s gay… You’re gay… So gay… All day

— Bluecoats Drumline 2010 (via riosjustin12)

Anonymous: y r u so cute?

As friendly as you are, this is getting weird, anon

Welcome to the Corner: Why DCI Might be Dying. →


You. You are the reason corps keep folding. Yes you. The kid who wants to march somewhere but won’t because “they aren’t good enough” or “doesn’t think they will make it”. You are the reason. There is a place for you, be it, world class or open class. The best…

Anonymous: i meaned to sayy i think ur the sexiiest person eva

And I meant to say “wut”




we were taking our math test and i turned around and


can we just talk about not only whatever is all over that girl’s face, but the guy charging his phone in the back and the kid on the right who looks like he’s in immense pain

this picture is like the perfect description of school tho

is no one going to mention the girl knitting a fucking scarf in the back

Anonymous: i think ur the person evaaaaaa